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Unveiling Clarity’s New Look

February 13, 2024
Patrick Fang
Marketing Operations Manager

We built Clarity around a singular promise: to enhance the tedious financial aid experience for school administrators and families. The journey thus far has been extraordinary, with over 700 schools embracing the Clarity Way in just two years. The effusive praise we’ve received from financial aid directors and applicant families alike has been a testament to the significant impact of our offerings. As we enter our third year, we’re thrilled to introduce a sharp new visual identity through our website and logo. 

The new Clarity logomark contains a few different symbols that reflect our core values and ethos: 

This represents all the items we take off your to-do list and the problems we’ve solved for our clients. Furthermore, it shows the trust and reliability we bring to each task we complete as a steward of sensitive financial data- ensuring every document, process, and interaction is handled with the utmost care and precision. 

The arching forward line embodies our proactive stance toward innovation and improvement and signifies our continuous drive to move forward, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for financial aid. This motion reflects our ambition always to look ahead, ensuring that we’re not just responding to today's needs but anticipating tomorrow's challenges.

Our beloved mascot, Clarence, came up often during our design process, and we didn’t want to step into a new graphical identity without a nod to his wise guidance. His discerning eyes appear in our logomark, illuminating the path forward with Clarity. 

 We have a figure with outstretched arms to symbolize our open-hearted dedication to attentive service. This gesture of welcome and support underscores our commitment to being there for our applicants and administrators and our readiness to assist, guide, and celebrate wins with them along the way. It reminds us of our gratitude for the trust our community places in us and our commitment to nurturing those relationships with care and respect. 

The period in this element symbolizes definitive resolution and completion, evoking the financial aid cycle from start to finish. The full stop reflects our commitment to delivering clear, conclusive solutions, marking the end of complexities and the start of Clarity. It's a testament to our meticulous attention to detail and a promise to transform the financial aid experience into one marked by satisfaction and finality.


We’ve also reimagined our website as a hub where financial aid innovation meets user-centric design. Here, the Clarity and ease we strive for in the financial aid experience are reflected in each element and click, ensuring that our partners and families can find the support and information they need effortlessly. 

Thank you for joining us on the Clarity journey. This rebrand, from our logo to our website, captures our shared vision of the future, shaped with your ongoing support and insightful feedback. Together, we’re making strides towards a reality where financial aid is simpler and schools and families can focus on the heart of education: a journey of collaboration, inspired by the possibility of what we can achieve together. 








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