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“I am new to financial aid administration, and Clarity made the process easy and seamless test.”

Lucy Adams

Chadwick School

“I am new to financial aid administration, and Clarity made the process easy and seamless.”

Lucy Adams

Chadwick School

"Thanks to Clarity, this has been the “easiest” and most streamlined year I have had in my admissions and financial assistance career. Thank you!"

Drew Lineberger, Director of Advancement

Seven Hills School

"Clarity has made financial aid much simpler. I have much more confidence in the information I get from families, which helps me make better strategic decisions."

Matt Rosen, CFO

Friends Select School

"Clarity's InTuition screen is a staple in our office, tracking key metrics like NTR and enrollment. It is essential for informed decisions, boosts productivity, and drives our financial aid strategy to success."

Rohan M. Arjun, Director Of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid

Friends Select School

"Financial aid night used to take 4-5 hours, with many frustrated families. Last night, applicants finished in 2 hours with little assistance. Thank you!"

Michael Posternack, Associate Director of Admission, Co-Director of Financial Aid

Pingree School

"Sent out reapplication notices to returning families today. A parent finished the form in just 8 minutes, a new record for us!"

James Eberhart, Director of Financial Aid and Associate Director of Admissions

Chadwick School

"My time following up and requesting documentation was almost eliminated."

Anne Crowley, Business Manager

Maybeck High School

"Excellent communication through onboarding. It is incredibly reassuring to work with a former Admission/FA professional. Their understanding of the complexities of the FA process is invaluable."

Aishling Peterson, Associate Director of Admission

King School

"I appreciated the ease of the onboarding process and our CSM’s best practice recommendations. We are set up to accept applications earlier than ever!"

Stacey Alston, Enrollment Director

The Waldorf School of Atlanta

"Parents are raving about Clarity!'

Benita Griffin, Associate Director of Admission

Trinity Episcopal School

"A faculty applicant was thrilled that the application didn't require scanning and uploading tax documents. He LOVES the new FA application system and is so glad we made the switch."

Vivien Valenzuela Mallick, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

The Bishop’s School

"I continue to be in awe at the functionality of the Clarity platform and your support! The Clarity relationship is Trinity's new asset!"

Financial Aid Committee Member

Trinity Durham & Chapel Hill

The Clarity way

Eliminate barriers for families

Elevate your financial aid experience with Clarity’s mobile-friendly application. Families can finish in under 30 minutes, leading to increased participation, earlier submissions, and fewer support inquiries.

Lighten administrative workload

Reclaim your valuable time and enhance your productivity with Clarity's intuitive platform. Designed to simplify your daily tasks, our system streamlines your workflow and frees you to focus on the most meaningful work.

Constant innovation

Our schools love what we’ve built, but we’re constantly listening to requests and pushing the boundaries on what is possible. Expect regular improvements to ensure you always have the greatest in financial aid solutions.

Support from a dedicated partner

Get hands-on support from a client success manager with extensive experience in admission and financial aid. They drive you and your school’s long-term success as a built-in consultant.