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Transitioning to Clarity is Easy

May 17, 2024
Molly Price
Client Success Team Lead
Patrick Fang
Marketing Operations Manager

Transitioning to a new financial aid management system can seem daunting. Our Client Success Managers (CSMs), having walked in your shoes, know how busy school administrators and business officers can be. That's why we’ve designed a process that requires minimal effort from your team over 2 weeks. This way, you can get to Clarity’s fantastic family experience and reporting capabilities without a headache.

Stage 1: Setting up your platform

Here’s a glimpse into the first week of the onboarding that sets the stage for a smooth transition:

  1. Complete Onboarding Survey: A brief survey allows us to tailor the setup to meet your needs, ensuring that Clarity works for you from the get-go.
  2. Prepare Historical Data: If you want to transfer historical data from your old platform to explore any differences in Clarity’s awards, your CSM provides a step-by-step guide. This ensures that your platform has all the necessary information to make your transition seamless and that your awarding methodology is reflected faithfully. 

Stage 2: Setup and launch

After you share all the necessary details, we will set up your Clarity platform and ask you to schedule two training sessions with your CSM. You and your team will get administrator access to the platform and some recommended training videos. This is a good time to walk through a practice application to get a feel for the families’ experience. 

Stage 3: Hands-on training

Our goal is to empower you to master the Clarity platform. Once you’ve walked through your practice application, you’ll be ready to begin training with your CSM. 

  1. Session One: First we focus on making sure you have a good understanding of operating the Clarity financial aid platform and address any questions. 
  2. Session Two: Our second training is about solidifying your methodology and making sure you are ready to go live. We provide a pre-launch checklist to ensure you’ve covered all your bases. 

Stage 4: Go live!

At this point, you’re ready to go live with Clarity financial aid! Look for the communications package for resources to share with your families. You can publish the instructions and links on your website. 

Stage 5: Ongoing support

Your dedicated CSM is always ready to assist, not just during onboarding, but throughout your entire experience with Clarity. Whether through email or a scheduled meeting, help is always at hand.

  • Proactive Check-Ins: Your CSM will schedule regular reviews to discuss your comfort with the platform and address any new questions.
  • Community Learning Opportunities: Participate in group training webinars covering topics like business taxes and file review, continuously enhancing your knowledge and skills.
  • Accessible Support: Get your questions answered as they come up via scheduled meetings or emails. 

What our customers have to say:

Michael Simon, from Minneapolis Jewish Day School in Minnesota, noted "Our implementation was extremely easy because our client success manager took the time to explain all the limitations and effects."

From St. Ann’s School in NY, Bianca Roberson shared that “I have worked with nonprofits for over 25 years... I have NEVER, in all that time, seen an onboarding or conversion organized so well. Astounding.”

Ready to transform your financial aid process?

Clarity's onboarding process and comprehensive support are designed to ensure a seamless transition to our financial aid platform. From the setup to the extensive training and continuous guidance, each step is carefully planned to minimize your burden. By choosing Clarity, you gain more than a platform; you gain a partnership committed to your success. 

Join a vibrant community of educational professionals and discover the difference Clarity can make. Inquire here if you want to learn more from our team.








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