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Unlocking Financial Aid Success: Embracing Clarity's Effortless Onboarding Process

May 15, 2023
Jennifer Sheppard
Client Success Manager

Transitioning to a new system often triggers anxiety or a sense of dread, especially if you have recently transitioned to another major system. However, as a Client Success Manager at Clarity, I can easily attest to the seamless and hassle-free onboarding experience we provide. In this blog, we explore the insights shared by a satisfied customer and delve into how Clarity streamlines the transition process, empowering schools to achieve financial aid excellence without the hassle of a clunky and time consuming onboarding process.

Personalized Support from a Dedicated Client Success Manager

At Clarity, our team of Client Success Managers brings extensive experience in financial aid and admission to guide you through the onboarding process. We understand the importance of a smooth transition, which is why we provide hands-on support and act as built-in consultants. With our expertise and assistance, you can navigate the onboarding journey with confidence, knowing you have a knowledgeable partner by your side.

Efficiency and Ease with a Streamlined Onboarding Process

We value your time, and that's why Clarity has designed an efficient onboarding process. We offer schools a two-week window to complete the transition, with an estimated workload for you of just 5 to 7 hours total. This streamlined approach ensures that you can adapt to the platform quickly without major disruptions to your day-to-day responsibilities.

Clear, Detailed Instructions

Ahead of your selected two-week onboarding window, your dedicated Client Success Manager shares an overview of the onboarding process. The email includes detailed video instructions to pull and prepare your historical data from your previous financial aid system. This process is nothing like transitioning an admission or overall school database and is straightforward and easy to complete. After you share your data with your CSM, we build your school platform and schedule two one hour zoom meetings to walk you through the Clarity system and collaborate with you on your methodology and school settings.

Easy Transition with Enhanced Flexibility

Our recent customer interview with Jennifer Pease, Director of Financial Aid and Enrollment Management at The Dalton School, exemplifies how Clarity simplifies the onboarding process. Jennifer was pleasantly surprised by the straightforward nature of her onboarding, which took less than two weeks and required minimal time investment. Her positive experience speaks volumes about Clarity's commitment to providing a stress-free transition.

Flexibility is a key aspect of Clarity that resonated with The Dalton School. We at Clarity understand that each school has unique policies, and that's why our platform offers various options for policy customization. This flexibility not only simplifies the transition but also ensures that you can maintain consistency in your financial aid processes. With automation and improved efficiency, Clarity empowers you to deliver an enhanced experience for both your families and your school team.

As a Client Success Manager at Clarity, I am proud to be part of a platform that offers an effortless onboarding experience. With our personalized support, streamlined procedures, and policy flexibility, Clarity simplifies the transition process, saving you time and improving efficiency in your financial aid operations. Don't hesitate to join us and unlock the potential of a stress-free onboarding experience, setting the stage for financial aid success.








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